Our Mission

Autism Gold Coast Inc is a small community not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers to provide the emotional support and information that ASD families require in order to meet the challenges of daily living and cope with the social-emotional dynamics within the family structure, and assist the family to lead valued and inclusive lives within their local community.

Autism Gold Coast receives neither government funding nor financial support from Autism Queensland, thus relies on fundraising to meet the demand for local services, activities and events for the autism community on the Gold Coast. There are over 600 families living on the Gold Coast who have a family member with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder who seek the support of this small organisation.


Autism Gold Coast offers:

  • Twice monthly meetings, special interest groups, and guest speakers
  • Resource Library which is available on loan to financial members
  • Telephone Support
  • Email Newsgroup – contact Autism Gold Coast if you would like to be receive information
  • Regular Newsletters to financial members
  • Information Sessions, Seminars, Workshops
  • Opportunities for people to meet others who have similar interests and issues
  • Opportunities for families to attend a range of activities as organised from time to time
  • Opportunities for families to link into support and service networks on the Gold Coast
  • Community education and awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders on the Gold Coast


Autism Gold Coast maintains links with:

  • Local service providers, that are funded by the State and Commonwealth governments
  • Local therapists and professionals working in the area of ASD
  • Other ASD organisations and services, such as:
  • Autism Queensland Limited – AQ
  • Asperger Services Australia – ASA
  • Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland – ABIQ
  • Autism Early Intervention Outcomes Unit – AEIOU
  • Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia – A4